Apprenticeships are a great way for you to learn and gain hands-on experience & for us to find talented experts of the future

Start your journey and become an expert in your chosen field through one of our apprenticeship programmes.

We offer exciting career and academic development opportunities for school leavers and individuals looking to pursue a new career. Our apprenticeships provide you with the skills and expertise required for a rewarding future in engineering and other specialisms.

As an Apprentice no two days are ever the same, you will work alongside your team on many exciting customer projects, new product designs and introductions, and contribute to the development of innovative technologies used to increase the performance of our existing portfolio.

Whilst gaining practical experience you will study part time to understand the theory behind the methods and achieve recognised qualifications.  Our Apprenticeship programmes have contributed to the succession of many of our existing senior and principal engineers here at Dynex.

The exceptional support and mentoring from our teams are essential to your development, both during your apprenticeship and throughout your career.

If you have an interest in Engineering with a sound knowledge and passion for maths, physics, mechanical engineering and material engineering, then one of our apprentice programmes might be for you.  We offer apprenticeships in Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical engineering as well as commercial areas. Our apprenticeships are offered at the following levels:

Advanced Apprenticeship

Our Advanced Apprenticeships take between 3 and 4 years to complete. During the apprenticeship you will gain valuable experience working in our Lincoln site for 4 days a week, whilst attending college for the additional 1 day a week. You will receive first-hand experience working alongside our experienced engineers on pioneering projects, whilst studying to gain an NVQ Level 3 and a technical engineering qualification.

Higher Apprenticeship

Our Higher Apprenticeships take between 2 and 4 years to complete. During the apprenticeship you will gain first-hand experience on many advanced projects and receive training and mentoring from our knowledgeable engineering team. In addition to practical experience, you will attend College part time and work towards gaining an NVQ Level 4 and a relevant technical engineering qualification.

Degree Apprenticeship

Our Degree Apprenticeships take 5 years to complete. During the apprenticeship you will work at the forefront of innovative projects and develop your practical experience working within one of our engineering teams. During the Degree Apprenticeship programme you will study part time at a chosen University to gain an NVQ Level 6-7, equivalent to a Bachelors or Master’s degree.

All of our apprenticeships are delivered in partnership with Further and Higher Education providers across the UK.

The institutes offer exceptional student support and tuition to develop the skills, attributes and knowledge of our apprentices.   The following are just a handful of our partnered providers;

  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Bath
  • Newcastle University
  • University of York
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Nottingham

Following the completion of our apprenticeship programmes, newly qualified apprentices are encouraged to continue professional development through the participation of internal and external training, additional studying of industry recognised qualifications and frequent shadowing of department leaders. We run annual Assessment Centre’s each spring.

Please regularly check our website for more information and instructions on how to apply.

How we invest in our Engineering talents...

IET Membership

Here at Dynex, we are proud to work closely with the Institution of Engineering Technology (IET) to continuously improve the depth of the engineering talents within our business. Having a network of IET members at Dynex, supports our employees at every stage of their career, whether it’s developing new skills or perfecting established ones.

The IET inspires, informs and influences the global engineering community to engineer a better world. Through the transfer of knowledge, the IET memberships and professionals champion engineering. We encourage our engineers to become members of the IET, to enhance their skills and knowledge with the support of, workshops and courses, designated mentors, being a part of a local network and engineering community and completing professional accreditations, whilst gaining the hands-on project experience with us at Dynex.

Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarships programme is the most prestigious scholarship scheme of its type in the UK with over 5,000 Scholarships awarded to date.

For a number of years, Dynex have partnered with the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship programme, sponsoring a number of aspiring engineering students. We aim to annually sponsor future Engineering talent, sharing our expertise and knowledge by offering support in various different ways, for example, valuable hands-on work experience, support during project work and a personal mentor who can assist with aspects of learning and career planning.

Throughout our history, we have had many Arkwright Engineering Scholarships success stories and continue to do so. Students that we have once sponsored have also then continued their career, working for Dynex

Your time as an Arkwright Scholar

Here is a testimonial from a previous Arkwright, Thomas Stanford who is now employed by Dynex on a permanent basis as an Engineer.

"As an Arkwright Scholar I was very fortunate to be able to tap into a range of activities which allowed me to explore the broad spectrum of careers available in the engineering industry. Starting with the application process which involved designing solutions to unseen problems the scholarship pushed beyond the fundamental mathematic and scientific principles learnt in education and opened the door to the world of engineering. The scholarship afforded some fantastic opportunities such as a CAD training course and software licence, behind the scenes tours of university engineering departments, a mentor who helped navigate the world of engineering careers and a work experience placement with Rolls Royce.

Work experience at Dynex

In my final year of 6th form I started to build my professional relationship with Dynex, my first summer placement was a huge eye opener and allowed me to build a keen understanding of the work of an engineer. I was fortunate to spend time in a range of departments which gave me a fantastic overview of the operation of a production line and the manufacturing processes used in the semiconductor industry. Throughout my university studies I continued to return to Dynex in my summer breaks, where I was able to get stuck into some real engineering projects which allowed me to develop and hone my engineering skillset, this experience proved hugely beneficial when returning to university each year and allowed me to hit the ground running. It was an incredible benefit to be able to link my academic understanding with real world applications.

Going to University

In order to broaden my skillset as an engineer and gain a range of experiences I decided to study General Engineering at Cambridge University, this course covered the fundamental principles of a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines. This broad background stood me in good stead when I chose to specialise in a combination of electrical and electronic modules going into my final years, where I was able to hone in on a narrower subset of engineering and apply the broader principles in a more targeted and applications focussed manner. My study culminated in a Masters, where I researched the design of an ultra-high frequency nanowire nanogap Schottky Barrier Diode. This combination of a broad knowledge of the engineering disciplines with a focussed expertise in electronics and electrical engineering has been perfect for building a career in my chosen field of power electronics manufacturing, which dips into a huge variety of engineering areas and in turn provides a hugely varied and rewarding workload.

Joining Dynex on a permanent placement

I was very glad to have the opportunity to return to Dynex following the completion of my study, I returned to take up a role in Bipolar Production. My work load has been varied, interesting and incredibly rewarding. I am very fortunate to work in a highly competent team with a great wealth of expertise for me to draw on while I continue with my development as an engineer."

Your time as an ArkWright Engineering Scholar

“The Arkwright Scholarship helped support me through my A-levels and with university applications, financial support to buy materials I needed for my courses as well as with insight days with universities. I attended a summer school at the University of York in between Year 12 and 13, which gave me a good taster of an electronic and electrical engineering degree.

During this time, the Scholarship also provided me with an opportunity to gain work experience at Dynex, which I completed during the school holidays. I was fortunate to gain more of an insight into what Dynex does as a company and enable me to get hands-on experience, working on various process development projects within various departments such as Assembly and Test department.

Following my work experience, I decided to take a year out between school and university, and I decided to do a year in Industry. Having had a good experience at Dynex, once I had finished my A-levels, I was able to return to Dynex and put in to practice what I learnt during work experience.

For the duration of the year, I did two 6-month rotations in the Power Assemblies and Bipolar Engineering departments – I was able to work on some very interesting projects, such as improvement projects on the production line as well as Power Assemblies development projects.

Going to University

After my year at Dynex, in 2018, I started studying for an MEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds. My work experience at Dynex gave me a really good advantage – my time in industry made me more prepared for the transition to university, and I was able to relate what I studied at university to what I had worked on at Dynex previously.

I decided to specialise in two key fields, power electronics and digital electronics, during my degree -I studied the theory of semiconductors and how they work, as well as power electronic systems and their applications, for example in renewable energy or railway applications. I also did modules on digital electronics such as studying design using microcontrollers and FPGAs, as well as control systems.

I also returned to Dynex over the summer break in between my first and second years of university, where I gained further experience with the Power Assemblies department, helping to design circuit boards and test equipment which is currently in use on the production line.

Joining Dynex on a permanent placement

Finally, I was delighted to then be offered a full-time position at Dynex, returning to the Power Assemblies team after I graduated, and I returned in August 2023. It is a very exciting team to work in, with a lot of varied and exciting projects in fields such as renewable energy, transportation and power conversion – fields where the work I am contributing on can have a massive impact.

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