Our People are our greatest asset and key to our success.

Working at Dynex means feeling empowered to make a difference and being inspired to bring innovative techniques and concepts to our world of semiconductor and power assembly engineering.

We believe by finding talented people from around the world to join our team, offers not only diversity, but an opportunity to explore ideas and continually improve and extend what we offer to our customers.

Over the years we have evolved and transformed how we operate, but one key consistency is our stimulating working environment that turns ideas into high performing products.

We are proud of our increasing number of employees that have been a part of our history over the decades, including apprentices, graduates and newly qualified employees who are working closely with our experienced teams to help generate new ideas, new product development and support continual improvement. We encourage our people to shape their own future through career development opportunities and hands-on experiences.

Our culture is underpinned by our values which are integral to everything and everyone at Dynex. These values are:


We continuously improve the quality of our in-house resources through the following;

  • Upgrading our manufacturing technology to increase efficiency
  • Recruiting highly skilled engineers to expand and develop our product offerings
  • Regularly reviewing our internal policies and procedures to ensure best practice
  • Endorsing our SEMI scheme (Suggesting Employees Make Improvements), to involve our people in the improvement and positive success of Dynex
  • Encouraging valuable feedback from our people to support in growth, retention and excellence through annual ‘Employee Engagement Surveys’


Our culture is to reward the dedication of our employees. We regularly deliver internal and external training and carry out appraisals to recognise performance and discuss further professional development opportunities. Employees who have shown exceptional diligence are recognised as an ‘Employee of the Year’ during our ‘Employee Recognition Awards’.


Responsibility allows our employees to feel inspired and invested in the succession of Dynex, improving performance, creativity and efficient working methods. A culture of responsibility is instilled in our people and illustrated across every area of our business via regular Company communication meetings and defining Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).


Integrity is a fundamental attribute of our people. This core value contributes to the achievements of Dynex. In order to ensure correct ethical and moral principles within the workplace, and to provide our customers with the highest quality service, we adhere to various internal policies & procedures and external standards & legislations.


Respect encourages a culture of treating others in the way we wish to be treated for a healthy working environment. We recognise that encouraging employees to share opinions and ideas contributes to productivity and innovation, as well as adding value and differentiation.


Our talented engineers encompass a wealth of power electronic and industry knowledge. Our expanding engineering departments comprise of; research and development, new product introduction, product design, fabrication, process and electrical. We ensure that our engineering standards are aligned to latest techniques and professional practises and are led by Continued Professional Development (CPD) with our links to the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

We empower our employees to develop their individual skills, keep up to date with ever-changing technology and to achieve their personal and professional goals to further their own careers and contribute to Dynex’ success.

Providing outstanding learning techniques, development programs and delivering various learning approaches enables us to support every employee in achieving their career aspirations.

Read our annual Gender Pay Gap reports here:

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