Dynex offer long and rewarding careers for motivated, forward-thinking, team players who thrive on making a difference.

We recognise that our people are the fundamental backbone of our business. Without knowledgeable, talented and motivated people we would not be able to bring innovative techniques and concepts to our world of semiconductor and power assembly engineering. By encouraging our people to seek out varied and rewarding opportunities across our specialisms, we hope to enable a diverse employee base that is passionate and forward-thinking. To read about the type of work that some of our employees have been involved in please click on the departmental options below:

Intricately manufacture and assemble high specification Semiconductor devices and Assemblies.

Dynex IGBT, Bipolar and Power Assemblies manufacturing teams are entirely responsible for the production of our wafers, bipolar, IGBT and power assembly products.

Our highly skilled operators, section leaders and managers work within the wafer fabrication, assembly and testing bays.

The teams are responsible for manufacturing quality products to technical specification, conducting quality checks, operating speciality machinery, testing products to qualify with industry standards, adhering to environmental health and safety regulations and manufacturing processes, and meeting production timelines and targets.

If you are looking to join our Manufacturing department, we look for the following skills:

  • A commitment to continuous process improvement
  • A natural team player
  • Effectively communicate
  • Work efficiently to tight deadlines
  • Excellent attention to detail and concentration

Sophie Doran, IGBT Operator

" Working within various areas of manufacturing has given me the opportunity to learn every aspect of the intricate production process, from substrate build and bonding, IGBT test and assembly and most recently supporting in wafer probe, wafer map and inspect "

Teresa Chambers, Senior Bipolar Operator

"As a Senior Bipolar Operator, I have undertaken training to develop the skills required to contribute to product development, from basic components to final manufactured devices and be a part of a number of major projects, including a GTO redesign "

Zita Matovics, Principal IGBT Operator

" Working for Dynex for over 13 years has given me the best opportunity to experience several aspects of the business and learn many new skills. I spent 8 years working in the Basic Unit Bipolar department fulfilling most tasks involved in the production of bipolar devices. I joined the IGBT wafer fabrication team 5 years ago to pursue further opportunities and to carry on with my exciting journey with the company. Besides my standard role it also includes overseeing planning in the Photolithography area and development of our Trench-gate project, working together with the process engineers on a daily basis. "

Danny Williams, IGBT Operator

" Through my 14 years of working with IGBT Production, I have played a vital role throughout various areas of IGBT manufacturing. For the past 10 years I have supported both R&D and Production Engineers with 6” IGBT and FRD wafer testing, mapping, sawing and inspecting "

Committed to enhancing the operation of the world around us.

With the ever-advancing world of cutting-edge technology, our dedicated research and development (R&D) engineers strive to provide our customers with efficient new products tailored to their application requirements.

The team undertake extensive research projects and experiments to guarantee our products stand the test of time and work rigorously in severe environments, whilst supporting global initiatives to reduce carbon footprint and emissions.

The New Product Introduction (NPI) team focus on expanding Dynex’s existing product portfolio, and tailor devices to market trends and industry growth. The team dedicate their research to improve the world we live in through enhancing applications that rely on efficient sources of energy.

If you are looking to join our R&D department, we look for the following skills:

  • A passion for technology advancements
  • Critical thinker and methodical approach to problem solving
  • Enthusiastic and motivated to enhance product technologies
  • Ability to adapt to various projects and work to deadlines
  • Work effectively as a team and autonomously

Arthur Su, Chief IGBT Chip Design and Development Engineer

" The opportunity of being a pioneer to explore the new technology chapter always encourages me to move forward,  whether to be a team leader or best team partner within traditional silicon device, the possible future material GaN device or gate driver integrated circuit. Felt very pleasure and pride to contribute to the whole new advanced terminations design and FRD development for all voltage ratings and bring them into the new generation product portfolio "

Muhammad Morshed, Principal Engineer

" Working within Dynex R&D department allows me to contribute to technical discussions, new materials evaluation & process, support continuous improvement of product performance and be a part of revolutionary projects such as, the development of high and medium voltage power module materials for traction applications. "

Anne Harris, Senior IGBT Module Engineer

" Managing projects from the research and design stages to the physical prototype of new products is both challenging yet rewarding. I work closely with external partners and universities to collaborate on solutions to support ‘go green’ initiatives, including the most recent, clean sky 2 European research project. "

Daniel Longney, Engineer

" Working within the IGBT Production and the R&D IGBT New Process Introduction teams gives me the opportunity to be a part of innovative projects, such as the process development of H1 & H2 IGBT modules. I thrive in identifying areas for improvements, implementing solutions and generating ideas for future projects. "

Enhancing existing products and shaping future technologies, practices and processes.

Our specialist electrical and mechanical engineering teams are dedicated to shaping our operation by applying industry practices to assist in the improvement of our existing product ranges, technology and equipment within Dynex.

Our expert Electrical Engineers design, develop and maintain new and existing electrical systems and test equipment that are vital to the manufacturing of our products. They study and apply the physics and mathematics of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics to both large-and small-scale systems to process information and transmit energy.

The highly skilled Mechanical Engineering teams design our semiconductor products and assemblies to standard specification and customised designs for end user requirements. The team work closely with the manufacturing departments to ensure the smooth operation of production, assembly and testing of Dynex product ranges.  

If you are looking to join our Engineering departments, we look for the following skills:

  • Strong ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Superb analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Enthusiasm, motivation and commitment

Ephrem Maela- Massamba, Senior Bipolar Product Engineer

" My role is extremely varied with supporting the bipolar testing team, ensuring products meet specific customer specification for power assemblies’ products, providing technical assistance to the sales team and working closely with R&D teams on new product development. During my time at Dynex, I have taken part in a Talent Development Program to develop future leaders "

Mark Birkett, Senior IGBT Module Engineer

" As a Senior IGBT Module Engineer each day brings a new challenge with the chance to make a difference to our operation, from overseeing and improving the IGBT test process, to ensuring our products meet the datasheet specification, and supporting R&D projects such as the development of our newest trench-gate module "

Aaron Robinson, Engineering Technician

" I have embarked on a number of career development opportunities, including a HND in Electronic Engineering which has equipped me with the skills to support key projects such as, the characterising of trench gate technology and the implementation of the testing procedure for state of the art bespoke MOSFET modules "

Sajid Khalifa, Process Engineer

" As a process Engineer, I enjoy giving technical support in the process of silicon die manufacturing, which involves various duties from inspecting die quality, updating process specification to analysing data. Involving myself in optimising new equipment, and in attending training for development program such as six sigma, have given me tremendous growth challenges and opportunities at Dynex. "

Our customers are at the heart of our operation!

Dynex Sales and Marketing team are experts in their field and support customers with product solutions to enhance the performance and reliability of their application.

The team are driven in finding new opportunities and converting leads into sales through active communications, targeted messaging and branding initiatives. They explore exactly how our customers think, defining comprehensive buyer personas, analysing trends, understanding the market share and aligning product placement, pricing and promotion to the industry sector.

The sales and marketing team dedicate their efforts to maintaining excellent customer service standards, customer retention and product satisfaction.

If you are looking to join our Sales and Marketing department, we look for the following skills:

  • Ability to build effective relationships
  • A passion and motivation for sales conversions
  • Rapid learner with the ability to understand technical product knowledge
  • Active listener and a clear communicator
  • Excellent negotiation skills

Rebecca Horgan, Customer Service and Export Compliance Manager

" Making a difference to our customers by providing an exceptional service gives me a genuine feeling of job satisfaction. Leading a fast-paced customer service department comes with daily challenges which I use as an opportunity to learn and improve processes and procedures, enhance our customer experience and positively support my team in their daily activities. "

Steve Tricker, International Sales Group Manager

" With new power generation, e-mobility and industrial applications, every day brings fresh opportunities, and with it the chance to work with a diverse range of customers and colleagues. My role gives me immense satisfaction and constant variation, with the opportunity to improve and develop our products and ways of working to support customers across various sectors achieve their goals "

Managing and Supporting the IT infrastructure within the Business.

The IT infrastructure is pivotal to the core operation of Dynex, our internal systems manages a full-scale operation, from the CRM system and sales forecasting to the production management of customer orders, purchasing of goods and financial tracking and traceability.

The IT department’s primary function is to ensure the network runs smoothly with little interruption to the day-to-day running of the business.

The team are responsible for establishing and maintaining network databases and systems, updating system hardware and software, troubleshooting errors and supporting all internal employees with IT issues.

If you are looking to join our IT department, we look for the following skills:

  • The ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
  • A good working knowledge of data networks
  • Efficiently troubleshoot problems as they arise
  • Strong communicator
  • Excellent time management and organisation skills, with capability to prioritise tasks

Ben Richards, IT Manager

" My vision is to enable the company’s success through delivering forward-thinking, collaborative, and reliable technology solutions. Doing something different, not just doing the same thing better "

Simon Douglas, Senior IT Infrastructure & Systems Engineer

" I enjoy the constantly changing world of technology; the hardware, the software, the requirements and capabilities. It is the transient nature of this industry which makes the implementation of major IT projects both challenging and rewarding "

Ensuring fulfilment and exceptional customer value.

The supply chain structure comprises of dedicated procurement, planning and logistics teams that work cohesively to ensure the successful manufacturing operation at Dynex.

Our procurement team manages the process flow of goods and services that transform raw materials into complete efficient semiconductor and assembly products. With our commitment to provide our customers with exceptional value and hardwearing products, supply activities are streamlined to ensure internal and external quality standards are met.

Our planning team manages the production timescales, from initial order right through to completion and customer shipping. Their exceptional time management skills enable us to offer shorter lead times for our customers which enhances our competitive edge in the marketplace.

The logistics and stores team are crucial to the supply chain, they are responsible for the timely delivery of our products and the storage of inbound goods. The team manage the bookings of freight and carriage suppliers that distribute our products in a secure and cost-effective way for our customers.

If you are looking to join one of our departments within the Supply Chain Management, we look for the following skills:

  • Excellent negotiation skills for lead times, quantity, quality and cost
  • Strong ability to develop and maintain good supplier relationships
  • Experience in using purchasing systems & Microsoft packages
  • Excellent time management skills, with capability to prioritise tasks at short notice
  • The ability to efficiently troubleshoot problems as they arise

Leigh Colpitt, Buyer

" The most significant and rewarding project in my career to date has been managing the purchasing of all components for Dynex’s single biggest contract win, ensuring we receive quality products, timely delivery and competitive pricing for our customers. "

Lucas Hingley, Planning & Procurement Apprentice

" As part of my apprenticeship I am currently learning all aspects of the Company Supply Chain, assisting with long-term supplier projects to support the overall business strategy in increasing efficiency and value, whilst taking ownership of a weekly Power Assemblies plan. "

The management of our facilities day-to-day operation ensuring safe and efficient procedures.

Our facilities department are highly qualified and trained technicians, engineers and electricians that are responsible for the planning and execution of all maintenance and alterations of the facility, offices, equipment and machinery.

Our facilities and works engineering team are core to the efficient and safe operation at Dynex. With our commitment to continuous improvement, the team review and implement new processes and procedures that maintain and manage the working environment and increase productivity in daily tasks.

The department manages the contracts for security, cleaning, and technology on site, in addition to the planning, executing or overseeing of subcontract work on building projects, refurbishments and work space restructures, they manage the plumbing, electricity and gas supply whilst ensuring the facility meets government regulations and environmental, health and security standards and advise on methods to increase energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

If you are looking to join our Facilities departments, we look for the following skills:

  • Strong analytical and ‘hands on’ problem solving skills
  • Excellent attention to detailA productive and flexible team player
  • Ability to see potential problems before they arise
  • Capable of working to own initiative and comfortably making decisions

Matt Parker, Works Engineering Shift Leader

" Working at Dynex has given me the opportunity to constantly improve with regular training and part time study, whilst supporting and managing a variety of facility improvement projects such as; the build of our in-house converter lab and a major upgrade to the boiler systems and the combined heat and power engine plant. "

Jack Burroughs, Engineering Technician

" My role as an engineering technician requires an ability to adapt and overcome challenges to maintain the upkeep of the factory. Working at Dynex has given me the opportunity to study part time at college to expand my skill set in plumbing and electricals. "

Supporting the successful business operation through strategic risk management and costing saving initiatives.

The finance department are central to the management and auditing of Dynex accounts. The highly analytical team ensure transactions and budgets are allocated according to the financial strategy and objectives set for the business.

The team are responsible for creating value for Dynex, coordinated through cost control, reducing financial risks and improving cash flow. In doing this, the department works closely with the procurement team to streamline financial reports, improve processes, increase profitability and implement cost saving initiatives.

As part of our ISO certification, the team manages and conducts all internal audits and controls, monitors assets and expenditure and manages tax reporting functions.

If you are looking to join our Finance department, we look for the following skills:

  • Experience in using financial systems & Microsoft packages
  • Proven ability to interact and develop relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Motivated and able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to prioritise and adjust workload according to business requirements
  • Ability to work autonomously and as part of a team

Mandy Bryce (Weimin Lin), Commercial Finance Manager 

" As an experienced and bilingual Commercial Finance Manager working closely with the Finance and Commercial Director, I enjoy leading the team to deliver an effective business partnering service with critical service areas such as production and R&D - providing strategic financial insight and analysis to challenge their thinking, enable joined-up decision-making and driving continuous business process improvements. I also facilitate close communication with our global partners and parent company to ensure timely and accurate information exchange. "

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