Graduates and students bring fresh and unique skillsets to our Business and in return, gain invaluable experience and industry knowledge from our experts.

A career within Dynex is filled with endless opportunities.

We are constantly striving to make a difference to the world of power electronics and we need recent graduates to provide innovative ideas and shape our future in this ever-growing industry.


We recognise the value technical graduates bring to our business, your passion and innovative ideas help steer improvement to our operation.

Graduates provide fresh concepts and a desire to develop, and we in return deliver the skill sets, knowledge and hands on experience to enable you to become engineering specialists and leaders of the future.

We are looking for graduates in physics, mathematics, mechanical engineering and material engineering or another science/technical related subject.

In addition to qualifications, we look for talented individuals with a desire to make a difference to our business and instil the following qualities:

Ability and desire to continuously learn and develop

You thrive in acquiring knowledge in order to develop and increase your skillset.

Highly Motivated

You are a focused person, able to work autonomously and driven to go above and beyond


You are dedicated, passionate and determined to succeed in your goals


You take ownership of your role and are committed to our mission and values


You manage yourself appropriately and strive to plan and prepare in advance


You encourage input and participation in order to work together as one


You are adaptable and committed to go the extra mile to accomplish a given task

Team player

You actively contribute to your direct and wider team, embrace collaboration whilst taking accountability.

A career within Dynex will allow you to be at the forefront of upcoming projects, exciting new developments and supporting all aspects of the business.

Mike Nicholson, R&D Engineer

" Since working at Dynex I have been able to progress within various engineering positions. Graduating with a HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering has provided me with the knowledge to support pioneering R&D projects and produce photolith mask layouts for wafer fabrication "

Connor Priestley, IGBT Engineer

"Graduating with an HNC and HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering has given me the tools to contribute to the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and the ability to confidently support exciting customer projects "

A career in engineering is vital to the development of our world, enhancing the quality of our lives and supporting our economy.

This is why we are heavily committed to inspiring students locally and nationally to pursue a career in engineering.

We partner with local schools and further and high education providers to offer work placement and intern opportunities for students studying engineering and other business-related subjects.

As part of our commitment to young engineers of the future, we take great pride in participating in Lincolnshire’s Spark Engineering Festival which celebrates our local engineering history, and offers a chance to inspire students from primary education level through to university undergraduates.

If you are currently studying electrical engineering, physics, maths or another science/technical qualification and are looking to gain valuable experience before you graduate, join us on an internship and gain valuable work experience whilst you earn.

Our engineering experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with you. During your time with us, you will have an opportunity to get involved in innovative projects and gain an insight into the designing and manufacturing of our semiconductor devices and assemblies.

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